Donna Turner
visionary - coach - practitioner


Intensive VIP Coaching                

This is an opportunity to create change by letting go of limiting thoughts, habits, and beliefs that prevent movement to develop talent and personal growth. I focus on the dynamics of creating and maintaining real relationships. When you are in the flow, you attract positive, extraordinary, welcomed events and opportunities into your life. Flow and you are able to be more creative, imaginative and successful. Use your dominant senses, listen to your inner magic and intuition. The Intensive VIP Coaching includes coaching, treatments, visioning, energy check and more. Transform and create your most successful life.  Price on request.          

The Company Future Vision Plan

I provide commercial business coach, sparring partner, teambuilding, visionary & intuition training, skills and services to companies, management teams, C-Suite and board members. We work  together on areas such as markets, market share, trends, future forecasting, timelines, new technology, ideas, resources, KPI's, scenario planning, investments, progression and more. The Company Future Vision plan follows and monitors the most successful route for your business growth. Be ahead of the competition with The Company Future Vision Plan. Price on request.


The Company Phoenix Plan
The current personal and business focus is on mental health, wellness, developing emotional intelligence, mastering emotions, compassion, empathy, intuition and courage. I explore the power of energy, dialogue and bonding. I focus on personal growth, the power of energy, dialogue and bonding, creating meaningful relationships and mastering emotions. These soft skills are recognized as vital components for leadership development in the workplace, The Company Phoenix Plan includes coaching sessions, energy treatments, and wellness activities to recognize and care for your valued employees. The Phoenix Plan complements most company wellness programs. Price on request.

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