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Wellness Plans help employees feel appreciated, valued, recognized and celebrates performance. It reduces employee exhaustion, sick days, absenteeism, panic production, stress, over-work, burn-out, illness, fatigue and mental health issues. Time off, time away and space to breathe keeps employees loyal and helps with employee retention. Wellness plans and Urban retreat can lead to cost savings, reduce healthcare costs, help to bond teams so they work better together. Happy employees have higher levels of productivity, leads to increased engagement, improved employee morale, and reduced health risks. Guided support plans like coaching, treatments and wellness plans help employees achieve peace of mind, perform at their best, boost confidence and satisfaction between employer and employees. Companies that support wellness plans find that a high percent of their workers regularly recommend there company as a good place to work, which in turn attracts more talented recruits. Invest in effective wellness coaching, treatments and plans to promote healthy work cultures, happy employees and creative environments. Wellness strategies enhance the success of employees and organizations.   

Self-Care Day Coaching & 3-day Reset Experience                                                                                                                                              Self Care day and/or 3-say Reset Experience takes clients out of their normal routine to do fun, exciting activities & receive gentle coaching.  Activities include a selection of activities such as walks, beach /wood/dunes bathing and creations, meditations, find your voice, music, movement & other surprises. I check energy levels, engage in breathing, gentle stretching & other physical exercises. Together we review successes of the day, and close with creating affirmations. Self Care day and/or 3-day Reset experience includes healthy lunches, beverages, snacks & parking. Reset experience includes additional treatments. Price on request.

7-day Refresh Experience Plus+

The 7-day Refresh experience is a chance to "get away from it all". It includes beach/dunes/woods, walks, bathing, creations, find your voice, meditations, breathing, gentle stretching and physical exercises, music, movement, plus scheduled rest sessions, healthy lunches, snacks, beverages, & parking. Refresh includes gentle coaching, treatments, surprises and fun elements listed above with additional treatments like shiatsu, foot reflexology, massage, spa & beauty treatments possibilities. Price on request.

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